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Hello, my dear friends, glad to meet you here. Hope everything alright?

Night view of Chongqing, for which it is very famous in China. Almost every Chinese person would say "Chongqing's night view is very beautiful". It's up to you, whether they are right. The picture taken from Yikeshu, june 2015.
So, I will switch straightly to the topic: I'm Ukrainian, and I'm studying Chinese language in Poland. Why am I doing it in Poland? Oh, it's not that easy to say, however, the most important thing now is I'm studying Chinese and I want to share with you some of my knowledge, if I can call it that way. Because I'm not into English that much, I probably would make a lot of mistakes... but who cares?
Right now in my university (highly recommended NOT to study here) I'm writing my thesis, dissertation (actually, I don't know which word is better), and I have found Chinese social ads very interesting to study...
So, social advertisement in China.
For the first time I thought about it when I was in China, studying via Confucius scholarship. In the small restaurant, where I've been eating usually, there was a TV set (as in any place in China - you must listen to Party everywhere). On CCTV-8, which was actually the only channel broadcasted (I think so, cause in any place you can watch only it; or maybe because this is drama and soap-operas channel, Chinese really like it), there were ads. And sometimes (kind of every fifth, maybe) there were social ads. And you know, once I saw something like 5 circles were dancing around, every one has its own colour, and then they mixed in the one circle, and then it became black and run in a sea... after it everything became gray, and everybody died (maybe). In the end there were some Chinese characters, saying: "Segregate waste! Don't mix it!" Really? So it's people who do not segregate is for blame, not the ones who is packing every single thing in its own plastic bag?
But then I was kind of: "Wow! It's a great topic for my work". And so I started doing it :)
Chongqing, Yikeshu. This picture is taken by Lina, one of my classmates and a good friend of mine. I was standing near, so I'm kind of co-operator :)
So, here I'm going to talk about Chinese, social, and advertisement. There a lot of them, really a lot - only in 12-15 hours of recording Chinese online TV I have recorded about 30 of them.
What I'm writing about by the way? I'm here to share with you a piece of China - because through watching social ads we can see problems of the society, and maybe get closer to them (because we are all humans, and we have nearly the same problems). It's O.K. if you don't know Chinese - videos on my special channel will have English subs (as well as Russian), and here, in this blog I will write every Chinese character, which have been used in the ad, and talk about it - why, where, and for what purpose.
Also I'm showing these ads to Chinese and Polish people (who is studying or don't) Chinese, and they tell waht do they feel after watching it (no videos, just my interpretation of there's speech). So if you are interested in it - welcome!
Maybe, you will leave me some feedback? I will be glad :)

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